Barmans day

Barmans day

The Barman's day is celebrated on February 6, on the Day of St. Amand and have become the professional holiday of barmen and restaurateurs in many countries all over the world.

The patron saint of wine makers and barmen - St. Amand, Bishop of Maastricht (584-679), - due to his activity as for evangelizing of wine-making regions of France, Germany and the Flanders became the official patron of wine makers, merchants, brewers, bar and restaurant keepers and, finally, bar workers (including barmen and dishwashers).

It's not accidentally that the barman craft was given its own calendar holiday.

This job is not easier than that of bus drivers, teachers and firefighters. Sometimes barmen spend almost 24 hours on the move, besides, they are good psychologists and often guess the favorite drink of the client from the first glance.

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