Chess Day

Chess Day

The International chess day has been celebrated on July, 20 in the whole world since 1966.

This celebration is held by the decision of FIDE the International chess organization (founded in 1924).

The name of the game originates from Persian: checkmate the king is dead. India is a birthplace of chess.

The chaturanga game which is the ancestor of the chess game appeared in the V century. On the territory of Russia, chess appeared in IX-X centuries approximately.

Chess is a board game on the 64-checked board, where 32 pieces are placed (16 black and 16 white pieces). Two partners play the game.

The purpose of the game is to mate the opponent s king.

Almost every city has its own chess club (sometimes there are several clubs), gathering the admirers of this kind of sport.

And tournaments and entertainments are held in these clubs on the International chess day.

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