Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

Today the sweet eaters celebrate the International Chocolate Day. French people firstly thought out the Chocolate Day in 1995.

There is an idea that the first people who developed the knack of doing chocolate were Aztecs. They called it "ambrosia". The Spanish conquistadors were the first who delivered chocolate to Europe; they named the delicacy as "black gold" and used it to strengthen the physical vigor and endurance.

Sometime later, the consumption of chocolate in Europe was limited only to aristocrats. The outstanding women considered chocolate an aphrodisiac. Therefore, Mother Teresa had a passion to chocolate, and Madame de Pompadour was sure that only chocolate could burn the fire of passion. And only at the beginning of XX century due to the start of industrial production of chocolate people who were not aristocrats could also enjoy chocolate.

As it was set by the modern science, chocolate has some elements that promote relaxation and psychological recovery. Dark sorts of chocolate stimulate relieving of endorphins - the hormones of happiness that have an affection on the pleasure centre, improve the feeling and support the organism tonus.

There is also a hypothesis according to which chocolate has an "anti-cancer" effect and can slow down the ageing processes. The only one opinion the scientists are unanimous about is the negation of chocolate's ability to decrease body weight! It is well known the chocolate is rich in nutrients, including fats, which means calories too.

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