No-Smoking Day

No-Smoking Day

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Every third Thursday of November each year most countries of the world celebrate the International No-Smoking Day. It was established by the American Oncological Society in 1977.

According to WHO:

90% of deaths in the world due to a lung cancer, 75% due to chronic bronchitis and 25% due to ischemic heart disease happen due to smoking;

every ten seconds one heavy smoker dies (by 2020 these figures may increase to one person per three seconds);

today 50-60% of men may be called heavy smokers (this figure reaches 95% among some categories of citizens).

smoking and diseases caused by it annually become the cause of death for at least a million people.

The aim of the International No-Smoking Day is to contribute to smoking addiction reduction, involvement of all categories of the population and all kinds of doctors into the fight against smoking, prevention of tobacco smoking and informing the general public about the harmful influence of tobacco on health.

According to the survey conducted by the Healthcare Administration among the citizens, 27% of those polled smoke cigarettes, 6% smoked in the past, while 16 is the average age at which people start smoking. An average smoker smokes about 9 cigarettes a day, 63 cigarettes a week and 252 cigarettes a month.

Smoking is considered a bad habit by 47% of the polled citizens, an addiction by 38%, an incurable disease by 9%, and 6% of those polled were unable to express their attitude towards smoking.

22% of those polled couldn't answer the question about the consequences of tobacco smoking. 35% of those polled consider lung cancer to be the result of smoking, 25% include here bronchitis and other lung diseases, 12% pointed to cardiovascular diseases, 6% - to tuberculosis.

According to 12% of respondents it is easy to give up smoking, 56% consider it difficult, 4% consider it impossible, 28% did not think about it. At the same time, 21% of the citizens polled tried to give up smoking but failed in most cases.

30% of those polled know about the centers that help in giving up smoking, while 70% don't know anything about them.

It should be noted that not many people try to stop being addicted to nicotine even though they know about the harm of tobacco smoking for health. The person is either not fully aware of all the bad consequences that tobacco has for his health or thinks that the disease will pass him by, or the smoking habit is so strong that it is impossible to give it up.

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