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Easter Monday In Canada

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Easter Monday In Canada

Though there are traditional values and beliefs behind the Easter Monday holiday, many Canadian families have created their own festivities for this long weekend. This particular holiday has a few reasons to be celebrated, not considering the religious significations associated to it. The first major factor is that it represents a four day weekend for most Canadians and the second one is that this long weekend comes after a long, cold winter.

In a traditional sense, Easter Monday honors the crucifixion of the Lord and includes a religious service. Moreover, according to the Employment Standards Act it is a statutory holiday through out all Canada, excepting British Columbia.

In Canada, some common traditional events associated to Easter Monday are:

coloring of Easter Eggs, Easter egg hunt, family feast, church Service.

A Christian belief, less commonly practiced, is the use of scented water. In past times, churchgoers would return from the church service with "holy" water, scented with perfume or fragranced oil. They would then sprinkle it on their loved ones, pets, gardens, through out the home and even on their feast. This was meant laying good into these things. The phrase "May you never wither" would be often uttered during this event.

Another common practice on Easter Monday in Canada, whether you have a religious background or not, is a feast! On this particular day of the year, families get together and enjoy a large dinner in each other's company. This feast usually entails such Canadian favorites as: mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, ham, beets, squash, carrots, stuffing amongst other ones. It is also quite customary for someone to say graces before this meal.

While Easter Monday is probably the most holy day of the year, this long weekend is celebrated and enjoyed by all Canadians whether they are religious or not. As most businesses and local retail outlets are not open on Easter Monday, it is quite usual for families and friends to simply enjoy the extra time off work and spend it together.

As a rule, Easter Monday is popular in Canada for parades, craft shows, outdoor exhibitions and other family oriented events. Many local organizations will host a pancake breakfast, which is gladly enjoyed by people of any age. Besides, many parks and farms will host an Easter egg hunt, which is a real pleasure for the young and not less for the older ones. Adults enjoy hiding the brightly colored Easter eggs and children have fun in hunting these chocolate treats. This is a popular tradition for Canadians of any background. It has really passed the test of time and seems to be a family favorite year after year.

Whether you like to spend your Easter Monday in a traditional way or if your family likes to create its own special way to celebrate it, in Canada Easter Monday is one of the favorite holidays across the country.

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