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This year: Saturday, June 16, 2018

Let's Hear It For Dad On Father's Day

Father's Day is a day set aside to celebrate the father figure in your life and to show him appreciation for everything he does for you. Not only biological fathers, but also grandfathers, step-fathers, or just the male presence as a part of your life is celebrated on this occasion. Father's Day is not a religious holiday and it was created as a response to the creation of the Mother's Day holiday. While countries all over the world celebrate some sort of day for Fathers it was the United States that went ahead and recognized it as an official holiday, giving it a consistent day every year on the third Sunday in June. Other countries also have a day to celebrate the male parenting figure in some way, but it was the United States that decided to put the permanent tag on an official Father's Day and many countries all over the world, including Canada, have followed this example.

Father's Day in the United States was said to get its start on July 5, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia as a memorial service to 361 coal miners killed in a mine explosion. The idea that many of the 361 men killed that day were fathers within the community caused the service to be labeled as a celebration of fatherhood.

A couple of years later a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd was inspired by the work of Anna Jarvis to create a Mother's Day in memory of her mother Ann Jarvis. Dodd's father was a Civil War veteran that raised his 6 children as a single parent and she felt that men like her father should be remembered with their own day each year. It was decided that the third Sunday in June would be the official Father's Day celebration, and the first one was celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, WA. The Father's Day celebrations went on without any official recognition for decades until finally, in 1972, it was officially recognized as a holiday by President Richard Nixon.

As concerns the custom of this celebration, roses are used during Father's Day and they are worn by the daughters as a tribute to their dad. Thus, a red rose symbolizes a father that is still alive and a white rose is a symbol of a father that has passed on. This tradition is very strong in Canada where holidays honoring the father and the mother are very popular and celebrated with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Father's Day myths extend as far back as 4,000 years when it is said that a son carved a greeting to his father on a clay tablet wishing him good health. Whatever the true ancient origins of Father's Day are, it is know that the official recognition of Father's Day came in 1972 from the United States President Richard Nixon. So, Father's Day is a day to celebrate dad and a way to say thank you for everything he does.

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