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Labour Day

This year: Sunday, September 02, 2018

Labour Day In Canada

Labour Day in Canada is a kind of a bittersweet holiday for most. While no Canadian will object to a paid day off work, Labour Day marks the end of the summer and the start of school for many. For some others, the Labour Day holiday represents the last weekend at the cottage and the winding up of summer festivities. Nevertheless, Labour Day is a recognized statutory holiday In Canada and a good way to spend some extra time with loved ones.

So what is the true meaning related to the Labour Day? The origins of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to April 14, 1872 when a parade was staged in support of the Toronto Typographical Union's strike for a 58-hour work-week.

In fact, it became a recognized holiday in Canada to celebrate workers and their families. Canada introduced this holiday to the world and now Labour Day is celebrated throughout many different countries. Few people actually stop to consider what the holiday stands for and why it was originally recognized. But before that, Labour Day became an actual holiday only in 1872. While this date will change from year to year, it is the first Monday of September. Despite this, Labour Day can in the main be seen as the "Working Man's Holiday."

Labour Day celebrations are a bit more low-key in comparison to those of Canada Day and even Victoria Day throughout Canada. A typical Labour Day celebration in Canada usually includes a gathering of friends and family in sort of BBQ or party. It is a time that many families like to enjoy beside the pool, on the boat or on the deck for possibly the last weekend of the year.

If you are looking for something fun and exciting to do in Canada on Labour Day, you can be sure to find a festival or event that will meet your needs. Historically, Labour Day parades were an effective way to communicate a message about Labour and Unions throughout the community. This was of course many years ago, when communities were smaller. In this day in age however, parades have taken on a different tone. Labour Day parades in particular are sending less of a message and are geared more towards entertainment value.

More common festivals and events through out Canada include: charity runs, outdoor concerts, sporting events and many others. This date often marks the closing of many outdoor parks, this is why many people like to spend the holiday there. Some parks such as the Exhibition Place and Ontario Place offer free admission on Labour Day, which certainly attracts a lot of people. Art exhibits are also a very popular choice for this weekend. There are several throughout Canada and there is surely one near you!

If you are looking to spend Labour Day with friends and family, without being in a crowd, the most popular things to do are water sports, enjoying a picnic or BBQ, and why not all three of them. Spending the day in the sunshine in the privacy of your own backyard can also be a great way to celebrate. No matter how you spend this day though, it is important to enjoy it without working and in good company!

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