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Mothers Day

This year: Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day originally comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans. An ancient Greek ritual, called Mother Worship, honored Cybele, the mother of Greek gods and the wife of Chronos - the god of time in Greek mythology. It was a multiple day celebration, but it is not clear if the human mother was part of it. As for the Romans, they celebrated Juno, a major Roman goddess, and gifts for the human mothers were traditionally given during this celebration.

The international dimension of Mother's Day asserted around 1858 when an Appalachian woman named Ann Jarvis created Mother's Work Days in attempt to help the women of her town and region improve sanitation and general working conditions. After her death in 1907, her daughter Anna Jarvis began a campaign demanding an international day of mother's honoring. In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the second Sunday of May as being the official Mother's Day and that is how it came to be celebrated nowadays.

Ann Jarvis had also intended Mother's Day as an occasion for remembering those mothers, who had lost sons in World War I. However, within only a few years after the official proclamation of the holiday, Mother's Day had become so commercialized that Anna Jarvis herself started a new campaign to have the holiday banned.

Unfortunately, Jarvis never managed to extend Mother's Day internationally. Nevertheless, a version of Mother's Day is celebrated in almost every country of the world. The dates may be different but the idea of celebrating the mother remains the same. In some cultures, such as the Islam, Mother's Day is centered on the birth of a queen or other very important female figure. Mongolia celebrates Mother's Day twice a year, being the only country in the world to do so. Norway celebrates Mother's Day on the second Sunday of February while Poland uses May 26th as its Mother's Day. In Thailand the holiday falls on August 12th of each year. With this occasion, the birthday of its queen Sirikit Kitiyakara is celebrated as well. However, the most part of the world, including the United States and Canada, celebrates Mother's Day on the Second Sunday of May.

In some countries Mother's Day is extremely popular. In Canada, it is the third most celebrated holiday after Christmas and Valentine's Day. Canadian children shower their mothers with gifts, cards and flowers while inviting them to dinner in a nice restaurant or making for them dinner at home.

Mother's Day is a very emotional holiday and it is usual that every Canadian would contact his or her mother on her celebration, regardless of the miles between them or the differences that may divide them.

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