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New Year's Day In Canada

Canadians love a good reason to have a party. Throughout the year, there are fewer better reasons to celebrate as a country than New Year's Day. Whether you prefer a large outdoor celebrating in one of Canada's fabulous cities such as Vancouver or Toronto, or if you are more of a quiet get together sort of person, Canada is a great place to be when that clock strikes midnight. New Year's day is also pretty special as it marks the start of a new year and the promise of many exciting things to come!

Many Canadians like to ring in the New Year and spend Canada Day in a traditional way, maintaining the same sort of celebration year after year. Others like to get out there and experience all of the different ways to celebrate New Year's in this country. Some of the more traditional ways to welcome the New Year in Canada include large outdoor concerts, formal dinner feasts, outdoor family events, house parties or dances at local businesses. Some more notable locations for outdoor celebrations and concerts include Toronto, Niagara Falls, Calgary and Ottawa.

Usually there are several hotels and other lodging options that are prepared to offer package deals during this time. Being outside for New Years can be chilly but if you bundle up with mittens and warm clothes you will be sure to enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors. Of course, if you prefer an indoor venue, there are many great options as well. Literally every city will be having New Years celebrations. These events are often hosted by: hotels, restaurants, banquet halls or bars. Usually tickets have to be purchased in advance for these events.

New Year's day itself is quite a traditional holiday for Canadian families as well. Some great ways to celebrate include: parades, skating and many other family oriented activities. New Year's Day in Canada is a great way for families to spend time together and make plans for the brand new year ahead of them. Usually these celebrations include a feast and quite commonly they involve some form on New Year's Resolution. The top five Canadian New Year's Resolutions include: weight loss, money management and quitting smoking. It doesn't matter if you believe in resolutions or not, few can resist thinking of goals and planning for the year ahead. New Year's Day seems to be the optimum time of year for people to think about this.

No matter how you like to spend your New Year's holiday in Canada or who you like to spend it with, the excitement surrounding this holiday is hard to resist. It is truly a day that every person of every age can look forward to and enjoy. The fact that this holiday excludes no one makes it even more special. It doesn't matter what nationality you are, what religion you prescribe too or what your social standing is. There are few holidays in Canada that can boast such equality and create such excitement through out the entire country.

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