France - Chestnut Day

Chestnut Day

This year: Monday, October 21, 2019

France is an amusing country! Do you know any other country, which has as many festivals and special dates devoted to various drinks and products? Who are the best chefs in the world? - No doubt, the French are! Whose Cheeses are popular around the world? - The French! Who make the most refined wine and can judge about almost all types of wine in the world? - The French! And the listing can go on and on. The French believe that taste is very important for a person. But nobody is born with a good taste. They say that good taste in food and understanding of really well cooked food should be nurtured in a person from his childhood, just like we learn to read.

It is hard to believe, but in France there are very few fast-food restaurants. Is there a better thing on this Earth than a good stake fried on coals or fillet of salmon grouper with delicious sauce? This is the good reason to speak of the work for such unusual special date like Chestnut Day. French people appreciate this product and consider it to be their national delicacy. In France they grow a definite breed of chestnut - curgudons. It has a very special taste; you can never confuse it with any other type.

At the end of October, the whole country becomes veiled by inexpressible aroma of chestnuts. People cook them right in the streets. You are captivated by the magical odor - and here you are at the cafe table. Who in the world can resist this? No one can deprive himself of the pleasure offered by this small saccule of chestnuts. The taste of this delicacy is so unusual and unlike anything else, that it is almost impossible to describe it. But is unforgettable, trust me!

Traditional dishes on this day are all cooked with chestnuts. They include salad with asparagus, salmon grouper and chestnuts, risotto with shrimps and chestnuts, chocolate-chestnut mousse with orange marmalade.

This event has become part of "Delicious Week", which takes place in all the regions of France beginning from the third Monday of October.

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