France - Grandmothers Day

Grandmothers Day

This year: Sunday, March 03, 2019

Every year, on the first Sunday of March, France is celebrating the National Grandmother's Day. On this day everyone renders his honors and deep respect to all grandmothers, and generally to all women above fifty five.

The sweet kind French grannies almost never actually look like old women. For their Day, they dress up, get together with their friends, drink liqueur and eat almond cakes and ice-cream. And, of course, there can be no holiday without presents.

From year to year French grandmothers seem to become younger and younger; half of them are a little over fifty. And most of them keep on leading an active social life, while some actually go on working. Maybe this is the reason for which the National Grandmother's Day falls on Sunday.

In spite of the fact that in France most grandmothers see their grandchildren at least once a week and one third even devotes the bigger half of their total free time to them, still they look forward to Granny's Day, when all their grown-up children and smaller grandchildren gather around the family table. And, as already mentioned, grandmothers receive bunches of flowers and presents from their beloved grandsons and granddaughters.

A recent survey (held specially to reveal the older people's priorities) gave very interesting results. Approximately one thousand people above sixty five took part in this pall. It turned out that 67.3 percent of them put the family well-being above all things in life, even their own health and political situation in the country, while 82.8 percent said that their grandchildren were the essence of their lives. And another interesting fact: 48.2 percent note that they help their children to make homework every day.

On their "professional" day Grandmothers get discounts almost everywhere. Tour agencies offer free bus trips to grannies and their grandchildren. Restaurants prepare a special menu, and most shops arrange special sections where only grandmothers can get a significant discount.

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