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This year: Thursday, October 31, 2019

The jocose day of all evil forces celebrated on October 31 - Halloween, is already a worldwide known holiday. But do you happen to know that it is actually several thousand years old? According to the legend, it originates from the time of Celtic tribes. In ancient times they inhabited the territory of modern Great Britain and France. Celtic tribes have always been pagan. They worshiped the God of Sun above all other Gods, and in accordance to their beliefs they even divided the year into two parts (the summer part and the winter part).

These tribes celebrated the beginning of a New Year on the night of November 1, the moment when Celtic summer turned into Celtic winter. This was the most important day in their year cycle. They had a very interesting conception of how and why summer ends and winter begins. In fact, Celts believed that the God of Sun got imprisoned by Samine, the almighty Prince of Darkness and Lord of the dead. So, this was the night when all the borders between the human and the infernal were ruined, parting barriers between good and evil simply vanishing. In result, souls of the deceased, who wouldn't have time to accomplish their entire mission on earth, would come back in all kinds of material looks.

France thus can be called the motherland of this holiday and people keep the tradition of celebrating it. Today this bright festival has become more like a masked show. It inherited a number of funny and amusing traditions from the pagan feast. All the streets throughout the whole France turn into a true fairy-tale. Everywhere you look you will see the empty eye-sockets of pumpkin heads of all kinds. Restaurants and cafes do not close till the very morning. Young people dressed in costumes of witches and ghosts skip along the main streets of the cities. Actually, today this holiday is mainly celebrated by the younger generation.

Also on this day, you can buy the "All saints' cake" in France's bakeries and confectioneries. And of course, it is adorned with images of all saints, as the name speaks for itself.

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