France - International Francophony Day

International Francophony Day

This year: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The term francophony was first introduced by the French erudite - geographer Eleise Reclue. In late 60ies of the past century this word was used to indicate the process of French language spread all over the world. So International Francophony Day is celebrated by all people who speak French.

Today the international organization of Francophony unites people from 63 countries. All in all that forms 1/10 of the world population. The main targets of these organizations are dissemination of French language around the world and protection of its cultural heritage diversity.

The festival itself was born on March 20, 1970. On this day in the city of Niamey, the capital of Niger, the World Organization of Francophony was created. Its general aim was to consolidate all the amateurs of French language, promote its popularity and propagate French culture within the French-speaking countries.

The international festival of Francophony is not only the day of 180 million people, speaking French. It means much more. That is the day for those people, who love and admire French. It is celebrated several days in a row. Usually, during these days a lot of scientific conferences are held. People, who like studying the story of the language, can attend philological seminars. For the cinematographer amateurs a lot of French films are demonstrated. For music-lovers the festival can offer different musical concerts. Those, who would like to discuss French customs, will find something to their taste too, because presentations and disputes are also held during these wonderful days. There are various projects for everybody.

So, everyone who would like to know more about French culture will find something interesting. People, who get a chance to take part in the celebration of this holiday, never forget it. Those, who come there on purpose never regret of the time spent. And those, who get there by chance, become very much interested in studying French and learning more about the country.

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