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Music day

This year: Friday, June 21, 2019

June, 21- is the longest light day of the year. By chance or on purpose, in all big cities and small towns of France this day is also celebrated as Music Day.

The French adore arts and music, as well as everything that attributes to it. Music forms an essential part of life for most French. This romantic special date appeared in the calendar not very long ago - in 1982. Jacques Langroe, French minister, made a great contribution for this. It was him, who chose to celebrate it exactly on the day of summer solstice.

This is a very special day. You can hear music everywhere: in the concert halls, in the streets and even in private apartments. Every person, who can play any musical instrument - is playing for his own pleasure. Everyone who can sing - is singing to raise your spirits and make you smile. Those who can dance, do it. And even those, who have no talents at all - simply stand and listen to fine melodies and enjoy dancing, because this is the day, when everything else except happiness steps aside. People are happy to see their friends and express their high spirits in a song.

On this day you have a chance to listen to the music of all kinds that you can only think of: from classical music to modern tendencies, jazz and rock. You can see parades of the orchestras marching in the streets.

A lot of outstanding and famous musicians come to France to give concerts for free. Sometimes they even perform their concerts from some scenic stages in parks, in restaurants or just in the streets.

No single place stays silent during this whole day in all regions of France. And it is true not only for the day-time, but for the night too, because the festival never stops till early morning of the next day. In general, all the official parades and concerts start in the second part of the day, when all the people finish their work. But every citizen has the spirit of the festival from the very morning. So very soon the working-day comes to an end, because everyone knows that in the evening there will be a wonderful festival and a party for everyone.

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