France - New Beaujolais Feast

New Beaujolais Feast

This year: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Every third Thursday of November the whole France goes crazy! The New Beaujolais Feast comes. This type of young wine is produced in a small region to the north of Lion.

The feast Beaujolais Nouveau began in France in the middle of OO century. Actually, today we would say that at first it was a commercial promotion action - pure and simple. The quality of this wine is significantly worse than that produced in Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Some French kings even called this wine a "disgusting swill" and strictly forbade putting it on their menu. As a rule, Beaujolais can not be stored for a long time, but on the other hand, it ripens quicker than Bordeaux or Burgundy wines. It is exactly at young age that Beaujolais acquires this rich taste and fragrant flavour.

After a lot of thinking, the wine-makers of Beaujolais decided to turn the disadvantages of their product into its advantages and proclaimed the third Thursday of November the New Beaujolais Feast. Such a clever marketing strategy had a huge success, and today it is a big day not only in France, but in many other countries too.

Every year this event causes a great stir in the country. There is even a Beaujolais-related record in Guinness Book - in 1993 the first glass of Beaujolais Nouveau was sold at a certain English ale-house for $1450!

The Feast starts at midnight. Wine-makers from the town of Bijoux solemnly march to the central square of the town holding burning torches in their hands. By this time the whole square is densely choked up with barrels of wine. At midnight sharp, corks are popped out of barrels and the young wine sprays out. This is how Beaujolais Nouveau starts its annual travel around the country and around the whole world.

The degustation of the New Beaujolais starts with no respect to local time. It begins on the third Thursday of November, at midnight Bijoux time sharp. Beaujolais Nouveau is like a modern pagan rite. It is universal and can easily make its way to people's hearts around the world.

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