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Reading Day

This year: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Reading day is an absolutely special and unique holiday. It was born in France not so long ago but still, even being young - it has already gained its worshippers. It is popular in lots of countries, but none of them perform such a profound and interesting action devoted to literature like France does. Up there, it is not just one more holiday. Many writers and poets, professionals or just amateurs, love it and look forward to it.

What is the story of this holiday? Reading Day was celebrated for the first time in 1989, at the initiative of the French Ministry of Culture. To everyone's surprise, it was not only approved, but more than that - it was welcomed with a huge enthusiasm. In several years, this day has even been included to the list of official cultural events of the country and is celebrated on the second half of October. Moreover, this single festivity day has grown into a big festival lasting three days!

What is so special about Reading Day? The holiday's program includes meetings with poets, writers, expositions and presentations of the latest and most expected books, book-fairs, scientific conferences and seminars, etc. People meet to discuss various theories as for example: modern fiction, the future of French literature, the new styles of writing, and new names in the world of writers. During the three days you are free to come to any library and read any book you like, even if it is a rare one.

Presents are not recurrent during this holiday, but if you want to please someone, there is no better way to do it than with a good book. Also, it has become a tradition giving books to libraries. France is actually becoming the most "reader" country in the world!

Many radio and TV programs promote literature and writers. Newspapers publish lots of materials about the events planned for the Reading Day's festival. They also offer the program of meetings, seminars and discussions. And of course, all of them are dedicated to the literary world.

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