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Boxing Day

This year: Thursday, December 26, 2019

The day after Christmas, named Boxing Day, is a holiday of especially British origin. It's a time when all the presents may be exchanged and opened and the meal prepared in celebration is eaten. Children expect to receive more than one present. There's usually one major present that will cost a huge sum of money but it must be supported by at least half a dozen more. On this day after Christmas parents hope that they will find time to relax in order to forget about life's routine pressures. Many people used to spend this day with family members or friends in front of a television show. Generally, it is a day of rest, when adults want to relax after all the excitement of the previous day.

Nowadays, Boxing Day in the UK is traditionally a day for sporting activity, originally fox hunting, but as this is now prohibited, alternative hunts take place. It is common to play Football and Rugby, but many people prefer horse racing. Besides, Boxing Day is also the beginning of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship.

In time it became a tradition to begin one of the biggest sales periods of the year at Boxing Day. Due to the increasing of people interest for shopping this day, retailers often broaden this day into a "Boxing Week".

In some UK coastal towns people dip into the sea on Boxing Day. As they are dressed in peculiar clothes sometimes, this is very spectacular. Thus they can usually raise some money for a local charity.

Boxing Day holds the most pleasurable moments anyone might expect to enjoy over this seasonal break. With this day Christmas is over for another year.

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