United Kingdom - England's National Day

England's National Day

This year: Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The United Kingdom has entered the 21st century as a multi-community nation with a per square metre ratio perhaps higher than the United States. It is therefore difficult to believe that April 23 St. George's Day, England's National Day, really continues to be that!

Since the 1960's, successive UK governments have gradually eliminated the idea of nationalism recognizing that it creates separatism and does not prove of any benefit in a multi-cultural society such as UK is now. Any UK government is strongly required to ensure that people who live in UK possess some linkage to this country. Yet, many immigrants continue to feel more empathy towards their country of origin. This is not surprising, although many governmental officials would like to say that this isn't the case.

In an opinion poll within the immigrant community originating from China, India, Jamaica, Nigeria and Pakistan only 5% said that if UK went to war they would support it, while 95% would either return home or declare neutrality. Additionally, when asked about learning the English language, 55% said they thought it is a good idea, while a staggering 45% said they would not bother.

Probably, if a country wishes to celebrate its National Day, it should be representative of the people celebrating it. Immigrant population in UK is growing rapidly with more than 100,000 incomers arriving each year. Besides the fact that UK is geographically small that fundamental power, food and accommodation facilities are not equipped to service a population growing at its current rate.

England's National Day needs to be something that everyone in the United Kingdom can relate to. Music and art may be the key and they surely pack a sufficiently powerful statement that is able to capture the minds and the hearts of millions!

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