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Notting Hill Carnival

This year: Thursday, August 01, 2019

The Notting Hill Carnival was inspired by the idea of bringing together the multi-national community living in and around Notting Hill. Since late 1950s, trouble had brewed between a growing immigrant population and the locals. In 1958 a race riot broke out with the use of petrol bombs; several people have been seriously injured and dozens arrested for weapon offences. In 1959, an indoors carnival to reduce tension and civil unrest was conducted. In 1965, members of the Caribbean community came up with the idea of an outside carnival, in which all cultures would interact in an atmosphere of fun and entertainment with no limitations of participants' number. Since 1965, the Notting Hill carnival took place every year, attracting over 2 million visitors, thus placing it among one of the largest street festivals in Europe.

Because of its huge popularity concerns were raised about the size of the event. The mayor of London appointed a Carnival Review Group to formulate Carnival safety guidelines, by which the Carnival route was modified in 2002 and Hyde Park was recommended as a safe place.

So, what does the Notting Hill Carnival achieve? Possibly its greatest success is its capacity to peacefully bring together cultural minorities living in and around Notting Hill, who otherwise might clash because they are of different colour or speak different languages. Peace has been a notable feature of the Notting Hill Carnival for more than a decade and through the imaginative eyes of its organizers it continues to keep visitors interested and entertained. A London Development Agency report stated that, in 2002, the August Notting Hill Carnival, managed by the Notting Hill Carnival trust Ltd, contributed approximately ?93 million to the London and UK economy! And this is without accounting for the savings from avoiding the race riots that had been a characteristic of the area only fifteen years before. The August Notting Hill Carnival is a successful action that everyone can and should share. It offers a platform for multi-cultural friendly interaction and supports the continuous approximation of many minorities living in London and UK.

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