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This year: Saturday, March 31, 2018

What Easter Means and Time Honored Traditions

When children think about the Easter holiday they picture lovely, bright Easter baskets filled to the top and overflowing with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, chicks, toys, stuffed bunnies, and brightly colored plastic grass all left especially for them by the wonderful Easter Bunny. This is a great thing for our children to believe in but they should be taught the real and true meaning of the Easter holiday. easter bunny

The Easter holiday represents and honors Jesus resurrection in the Christian religion, this being the 3rd day after he was crucified on the cross. Easter is believed to be dated back to the beginning of Christianity. It is also celebrated, but in different ways, by Hebrews and Pagans.

Easter traditions and gifts include Easter eggs, The Easter Bunny, Easter dresses and suits, Easter bonnets, Easter Parades, chocolate bunnies, hiding the Easter eggs and then hunting for them, Easter baskets, Easter picnics or dinners.

The Easter Bunny is one of the most popular of symbols for children today. Germany within the 16th century used a bunny as their Easter symbol. Candy bunnies were made for the children out of mostly sugar and pastries in the start of the 1800's in Germany as well. Parent's helped the children gather twigs, moss and grass to make small nests or baskets out of them to be placed out among their own yards the night before Easter. The children believed that the nests or baskets would be visited during the night by the Easter Bunny. They would wake up in the morning on Easter Sunday to find prizes of beautifully colored and decorated eggs.

easter eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs is a long valued tradition in most families every year. Eggs are hard-boiled and then colored and decorated with vibrant, bright springtime hues using food dyes and paint to make many kinds of patterns and art work on them. They are then enjoyed, passed out to friends and family then eaten. The Easter egg symbolizes friendship, well-wishes and love. Everyone also loves to participate in the hiding of the Easter Eggs and then watching as the children happily race to see who can find the most on Easter Sunday.

Easter flowers that are popular in the making of bouquets and arrangements for the celebration include the Crocus, Tulip, Lily and the Daffodil. The Lily's of Easter with beautiful blossoms of white symbolize Jesus purity and when they are blooming in the spring time they represent Christ's resurrection and life started anew. Baby chicks are also symbolization for new life starting at Easter and in the spring and rebirth as they stretch there fuzzy little bodies out of their cozy eggs.

There are some tips on planning the perfect egg hunt on Easter. Use bright and vibrant pastel hues to decorate throughout the house and yard, adding plenty of Easter decorations, balloons and streamers. Bunnies are great to use also. Using hard-boiled eggs for your Easter Egg hunt is not the only option. The plastic ones in a variety of colors that twist and come apart are the best. You can add mini candies, treats and toys inside them as a surprise in every egg for the children. Save out one egg or buy a bit larger plastic egg to become the grand prize egg of the Easter hunt. Gold is the best color for it to be. Place money or gift certificates for a toy store inside for the lucky child that finds it. Serve tea, lemonade or punch and easy finger foods for all to enjoy. Use these tips and you'll pull off the best and most fun Easter hunt of the year.

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