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The Beginning of Mother's Day and Traditions That Follow

Mother's Day is celebrated in the month of May's 2nd Sunday in Belgium, Italy, Denmark, the United States, Australia, Finland and Turkey. It is a day to appreciate and pamper our Mother's and Grandmother's alike. As well, to honor them for all the wonderful, thoughtful things they do for their families and for all of the hard work they put in to raising and keeping their families together.

Mother's receive special gifts from their children and husbands, these can be beautiful arrangements of flowers in vibrant spring time colors, delicious candies, jewelry or clothing and they are always accompanied by a lovely Mother's Day card that tells her how much she is needed and loved by all. There is usually a great luncheon or cook out for our special Mother's too, were all of the family can gather and join in the celebration.

Mother's Day traditions vary from family to family. If your Mother is an avid gardener and loves flowers, take her to her favorite nursery to purchase beautiful perennials, annuals or vegetable plants. You both then should put on your gardening hats and gloves and spend time with one another digging in the soil and planting the day away. Enlist the Grandkid's help too if your brave enough and make it a family affair for all.

Plan a big cookout or a barbecue for Mother's Day and invite your entire family. Let Dad do all the cooking and the work while Mom relaxes and puts her feet up for the rest of the day. This let's the family socialize and celebrate the wonderful gift of Motherhood.

Make sure to take a lot of pictures during these quaint and happy times. Years from now you can share them and reminisce about how wonderful and truly special your family is to one another.

Mother's Day beginning all started with a woman named Miss. Anna Jarvis. It was Anna's Mothers dream of one day having a special day recognized for Mother's to be honored and appreciated. Anna herself never had any children of her own but she was the Mother of this wonderful day. She worked as a teacher and was inspired by the Mother's Day idea early within her life. Mrs. Anna M. Jarvis was Anna's dedicated and strong willed Mother; she passed away in the year 1905. Anna now became more determined than ever to see her Mothers dream realized and fulfilled.

Anna started to campaign aggressively in the year 1907 to get the United States to begin on the trek of recognizing Mother's Day nationally. She and hundreds of supporters wrote many letters to the prominent people who could make her Mothers dream a reality. By the year of 1909, Anna had over 45 of the states celebrating and observing Mother's Day with special services.

Anna picked carnations for symbolism of white and red in color to show tribute and appreciation to the Mother's throughout the world. These flowers were her Mother's most cherished.

President Woodrow Wilson in the year of 1914 declared in an announcement officially that Mother's Day was to be celebrated and observed nationally every 2nd Sunday of the month of May. It has been honored ever since and Anna and her Mother are there in spirit on each occasion, watching from above at the day they made a possibility.

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