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Traditions and Memories of New Year's Day in USA

Did you know that New Year's Day was first celebrated on January 1st by the Roman people? It used to be linked with the rituals and beliefs to the equinox vernal in older days. The Roman people held their elections of officials on the days prior to January 1st and thus on New Year's Day the elected new officials would take their rightful places and celebrate along with the start of the New Year.

From the past to the present New Year's Day is a time when all past problems and failures should be forgotten and happiness for a more positive and brighter new beginning in the New Year looked forward too.

Sometimes presents are given to friends, family and the hostess of the New Year's Eve party you are attending. These can be anything really, but flower arrangements and bouquets in festive colors are one of the top picks along with a great gift basket, filled with the perfect wine, gourmet crackers, cheeses, chocolates and wine glasses. You can use your own ideas and make a gift basket customized for the special person you are giving it too for a cheerful New Year's gift.

Traditions which have been around a long time for New Year's include bonfires, fireworks, picnics, barbecues, parties, party hats, making noise at midnight on New Year's Eve and kissing your special loved one at the stroke of midnight exactly to insure more romance in the new year. Parades, music and gathering with friends and family in celebration are also traditions on the New Year. On New Year's Day many families gather around for a tremendous spread of dinner to help welcome in the New Year ahead. In the South these dinners consist of black eyed peas which bring luck and more money to you, collard greens for wealth, ham hocks for health and cornbread just because it goes great with all of the above. You are not supposed to do any kind of laundry on New Year's Day either for it is a bad omen for someone within the family in the coming year.

Let us enjoy some warm memories of a wonderful way to celebrate this winter feast:

"My favorite New Year's Eve celebration was the year I, my Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather and Great-Grandmother rented a large log cabin atop a mountain. It looked as if we had stepped back into simpler days. My grandmother was busy preparing our New Year's Eve dinner and my Grandfather was gathering wood for the fireplace. My mom and I were getting the fireworks out and setting them up for my Grandfather to put on his show he looked forward to every New Year. I looked out the window and noticed small snowflakes beginning to fall, as the day went on the flakes were larger and coming down faster. By that evening as we were sitting down to dinner we had about 7-8 inches all ready. It was so beautiful, looking out and seeing the entire mountain tops covered in white caps. My grandmother prepared roast, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, baked apples, green beans, cornbread and a delicious rice pudding for dessert. My mom played her guitar and we sang songs by the fire. When it was close to midnight on New Year's Eve we all wrapped up in blankets and headed outside for the spectacular firework display my Grandfather was putting on. The fireworks lit up the night sky in so many bright and beautiful colors, especially with the backdrop of the crisp white snow. That was my best New Year celebration because it was the last that all of us would spend together".

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