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Presidents Day

This year: Sunday, February 18, 2018

President's Day, Third Monday in February

Traditions and History Surrounding President's Day

President's Day started with George Washington, our first ever President. He was born in the year of 1732 and his birthday was on February the 22nd. In 1796, Washington fulfilling his final Presidential term designated February the 22nd a holiday and called it Washington's Birthday. This holiday was not officially observed until the 100 years later in the year of 1832.

President Abraham Lincoln who became the second President of the States had his birthday in February also, on the 12th and he was born in the year of 1809. The birthday of Lincoln began being celebrated the year after his assassination in 1865. Washington's Birthday was honored a federal holiday and Lincoln's was not, but a lot of the states adopted it as such anyway.

In the year of 1968, Congress declared that any holidays that where federal to be moved to a Monday, no matter which day of the week they would actually fall on. This gave employees a weekend of three days instead of two.

President Richard Nixon in the year of 1971 combined both Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays and made President's Day a reality. It is celebrated every third Monday of February every year and is a great time to give tribute to the President's both past and present for their service and commitment to our Country.

There are no traditions of receiving or giving presents on this President's Day holiday, although some people have cookouts and decorate with beautiful arrangements of flowers in red, white and blue to show their patriotic spirit.

There are many traditions attached to the celebration of President's Day. Some people in remembrance of Washington and his Cherry tree story bake or buy a cherry pie to have for dinner on this day. Others plan a trip to Washington D.C. to visit the White House, the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial and Ford's Theater among other political landmarks in the US history. Parades are held and speeches of tributes and remembrance given to the President's present and past, these are held in almost every large city. Fireworks are displayed, picnics are enjoyed with family and friends plus you can relax with a long weekend and plan something fun for the whole family to enjoy.

Celebrate President's Day at the lovely Mount Vernon Gardens and Estate. Stay the whole long weekend and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty that surrounds this beautiful place. The breathtaking views are over 450 acres for you to enjoy. You can also learn the real life behind the first President and his family that once lived here. There is also a parade in honor of Washington's Birthday with drum and fife corps, music from his era, food, dancing of the old English dances and animals, throughout that would have been around in his day wandering about the estate too. The George Washington Birth Night Dinner and Ball are also held here on President's Day weekend. Here you will receive a fine feast, cocktails and be able to participate in an auction that is silent. Of course there will be more English Dances for the remainder of the night and desserts. This would be a wonderful trip for the entire family to relax and learn a little more about the real Mr. Washington.

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