Lutheran holidays

Lutheran Holidays

The Lutheran Church is one of the first trends to emerge from the Protestantism in terms of time.

Where does the Lutheran Church come from? The origin of the Lutheran Church is related to the Reformation in Europe in the XVI century. The reformers (and Martin Luther was the one of them) were fighting t for the purification of the Roman Catholic Church from the imperfections that existed in it and also for its renewal in the spirit of the Bible of the first centuries of Christianity.

There are many Lutheran Churches all over the world nowadays - and all of them despite of the differences in understanding the theological texts, are the members of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). The personality of the founder - Martin Luther - is not glorified, and he is not a saint person or a prophet, but his blazon (the so called "Luther Rose") became the historical symbol of the Lutheran Church and its image can be often seen in the books or just in the temples.

In general, all the holidays of Lutheran Church can be divided into several groups:

- holidays related to the Christ (Christmas, Epiphany, Easter etc);

- holidays related to the evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, Joann);

- holidays related to the apostles, saints, martyrs and prophets (Peter and Paul, John the Baptist etc);

- holidays related to memorable days in the church history (the Reformation Day etc);

- holidays related to the folk traditions (Harvest).

The complete year circle of the Lutheran Church holidays can be divided into two long periods: Christmas and Easter.

Lutheran holidays

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lutheran Easter

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Trinity Sunday


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