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Lutheran Easter - is the main Christian holiday as the whole Christian religion is based upon the fact of Christ Resurrection. It is also the most ancient Christian holiday. There are the trustworthy evidences and descriptions of the celebration itself, beginning with the middle of II century: it was the most ancient Easter holiday in memory of Jesus with long vesper up to morning, after which there was performed the Eucharist. The holiday united death and Resurrection, cross and Christ Ascension, and it was lately expressed into the Easter understanding of the old Church (Easter - from Jewish Pesach, passa = passage), as it was the holiday of Christ's passage to life and through this, the saving of humanity from the death.

In Lutheran Church, the Easter night, as an alpha of Christian Easter holiday, is still the culmination of all the church year. The Easter liturgy, and there can be made a comparison with orthodox Vesper, begins in Easter Saturday shortly before the midnight. The special attention in this liturgy is given to fire and water.

The one lighted candle is carried into the dark church, and this candle is decorated with Greek letters Alpha and Omega - the first and last letters of Greek alphabet. According to the words of the Christ ("I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end"), they symbolize the fact that the Christ has the beginning and the end of life of each Christian in his hands. For a long time there was a tradition in some villages of Altai to burn the Judah's scarecrow in front of the church - the Christ's apostle who betrayed Him in the eyes of church.

The joy of the Resurrection of the Christ and beginning of the new life finds its place in receiving presents and granting them to children, friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers on the Easter morning. On this day children find the presents hidden by theirs parents the day before - that are the presents of Easter rabbit, and they also play Easter games. As a rule, the presents are the colored eggs of the most incredible colors and accents. In Germany, for example, the Serbian masters are particularly well known for such painting mastership. Besides eggs, there can be hidden some pleasant trinkets as presents - shoestrings, pins, souvenirs etc. During the other half of the day there is usually a concert.

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