Orthodox - Consecrator Grigorii, the Bishop of Nissa

Consecrator Grigorii, the Bishop of Nissa

Younger brother of Consecrator Vasilii the Great, Grigorii was born and grown in the time of ardent Aryan controversy. Perfectly educated, he served for a time as tutor of oratory. In 372 A.D. St. Vasilii the Great appointed as bishop of Nissa, in Kappadokia

In year 381 St. Grigorii was one of the main participants of the II Ecumenical Council organized in Constantinople against Macedonii who wrongly taught the nature of Holy Ghost. At the Council St. Grigorii suggested to supplement the notion of Nikenian Symbol of Belief.

In 383 he took part in another Council at Constantinople where delivered speech on deity of the Son and Holy Ghost. In 386 St. Grigorii made funeral oration to decedent queen Plakilla. In 394 he is present again in Constantinople at the Local Council, convened for resolution of Arabian church matters.

Consecrator Grigorii of Nissa was an ardent protector of Orthodox doctrines, a fervent teacher, and a merciful father for his flock. He is distinguished for his generosity and patience.

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